Easy Access:

Go-Dome’s patented door allows visitors to walk into the dome without taking off their shoes and to leave during a program if needed. The door’s airlock design also prevents air from escaping when visitors leave the dome. The doors are attached with Velcro on the bottom and can be pulled apart to allow a wheelchair to roll in and out.


Quality interior projection surface:

Go-Dome recognizes how important it is to have a projection surface that resembles a flat projections screen in quality with minimum wrinkles and no changes in color between panels. Go-Dome has also selected a light grey interior to make colors more vibrant and to minimize crosstalk.


Go-Dome meets the highest flammability standards and provides the owner with a certificate of testing. Go-Dome is also improving the safety of the door as visitors enter and exit.


Go-Dome listens to its customers and innovates – improving existing products and making new products as demand grows. The dome you will receive is the best that Go-Dome has made since it is the most recent. Over the last 3 years we have made improvements to the door and to the cloth. This year we have introduced the eye-dome for small groups and the geo-dome for larger groups with more set-up time available. These innovations also result in better cloth and continuous improvements in out other products.

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