We feature the Go-Dome™ from Avela, and carry their complete line of products (check out the Go-Dome site for all options). Unlike other inflatable domes, which are built mainly for analog projectors, the Go-Dome™ is designed and developed to meet today’s digital technology. It’s durable, lightweight for easy transport, with fewer wrinkles for movie playback. The 5-second dome flip gives a fast emergency exit in case of power outages! And our domes are fully flame retardant

Some are now trying to imitate our design, but ours was the first with this special airlock doorway.

The airlock design simulates space age technology — beginning their “out of this world” experience. The double-door, vestibule design creates a quick seal behind each admittance so that light, late arrivals or those who must leave unexpectedly do not disturb your show in progress. The dome door is 5.7ft tall in 4-5m domes and 6.3ft tall in domes 6m and up, allowing easy “walk-in” entry with minimum air loss per admittance.

Can your dome do this? With the special inflatable double door, Go-Domes from Avela allow you to bring in equipment with one hand. With a zipper dome, you’d have to have a friend unzip the door for you, or you’d need to set the equipment down, unzip the door, walk the equipment in, set it down, and zip the dome back – taking two hands and a full minute instead of 6 seconds just sliding in! Also, when that school child just “has to go to the bathroom” in the middle of the show, he can slip out easily and you don’t have to stop your program and unzip the door…with the dual door, you don’t have to keep it zipped to keep the air in!

Entering Go-Dome one-handed

The entryway has a continuous non-skid floor that allows the vertical tubes to move sideways to allow adults to enter. Even wheelchairs can enter through the door with minimum loss of air and without disturbing a show in progress – No need to lift the edge as in competing domes!

Our custom-made soft gray projection screen reduces cross-talk (internal reflections that cause dark areas to be illuminated by reflections from bright areas) for rich colors and pleasurable viewing. The optimized surface is shine-free which allows even the brightest digital dome shows to be viewed without glare. The special fabric also reduces sound reflections, making the experience the best it can be. The cloth used in each Go-Dome™ product is custom made for our specific application. And as such, our cloth is designed with the highest standards possible for fire retardancy. Each batch of cloth manufactured for Go-Domes™ has to pass stringent laboratory testing for fire retardancy before it is accepted for manufacturing of the dome. The doorway can be zippered shut for full-dome projection applications, but can be left open for easy access.

The dome features self-regulated outlet vents in the side opposite the door, which open up for through-circulation with the dome is fully inflated, and automatically close if the dome loses air when a group exits. The air inlet from the fan is forked: part to inflate the doorway and part goes directly into the dome near the doorway to provide efficient air circulation inside the dome, keeping the projection system cool. The vent system not only keeps air circulating inside the dome, but stops the characteristic “Bouncing” of typical closed system domes – if the dome overinflates, the vents open completely with a light baffle. No bouncing means no strobing light leaks to disturb the presentation inside!


Go-Dome™s offer a new permanently inflated doorway to allow easier entry for customers in wheelchairs. It’s also great for folks who are claustrophobic – they can easier “peek in” without entering a full airlock. Separate, it makes the main dome lighter and less bulky for easier transport.

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