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5m Premium Geodesic Dome


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Our most popular style of geodesic dome! These are available in a full range of sizes, with an appropriate number of doors to match.


These domes can be used inside or outside, and can be made semi-permanent. Of course, full customisation is possible!


Our premium geodesic domes come in a range of sizes from 3m to 15m and can be fitted with a range of options including motion seats, VR and more!


Height = 3.8m

Seats = 10

Configurations* T

Dome Weight = 100kg (220lbs)

Equipment Weight = 100kg (220lbs)

Resolution = Up to 3K

Assembly time = 2-3 hours

Assembly Team = 2 people

*T = Tilted, H = Horizontal, VR = Virtual Reality, SR = Super Reality


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