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It’s About Time


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Journey into Space Some day our children may travel to orbit in a Space Elevator. Some day we may use a Time Telescope to watch the Big Bang, the birth and death of a star, or an explosion on the Sun. Explore these wonderful inventions from the “science future” as you discover the many clocks that keep time in the Universe!

It’s About Time takes you up from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to an orbiting geosynchronous space station. As the Earth gets smaller below you, your clocks stay the same, and we view the changes that days and seasons cause on earth.

At the top, look at the wonders of the universe through a major telescope, then see it as it really is today by viewing through a wormhole that shortens the distance that light must travel to get to you.

It’s About Time talks about the cycles that rule our planet and our lives, and ends with the entire time since the Big Bang compressed into a single day.

Original score by Shai Fishman. Music arranged and performed by Shai Fishman.

Available as:
DVD for personal or classroom use
Portable planetarium license
2K frames or movie
3K frames or movie

For portable domes, there are many formats available (fisheye to truncated fisheye to prewarped for playback in a mirror or fisheye projection system) – all at the same pricing. We will contact you for the appropriate format before sending the show. 1920×1920 systems must use the 2K rate.


21 min


general audiences, Years 4+


Earth, space science, astronomy, physics


English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Turkish


DVD (+£7.74), Portable Planetarium License (+£1,544.16), 2k (50yr) (+£2,316.24), 3k (50yr) (+£3,088.33)


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