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Night of the Titanic


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A new 2012 version of our multi-media planetarium program that combines “fully immersive” computer animation with the latest scientific research, is allowing viewers inside dome theaters to experience what it was like to stand on the deck of the doomed ocean liner Titanic the night she sank. “Night of the Titanic” shows the unique conditions in Earth and space that — coupled with human errors — contributed to the sinking of the ship on April 15, 1912. Learn about: ocean currents, iceberg formation and drift, global warming.

Original score by Shai Fishman. Music arranged and performed by Shai Fishman.

Available as:
DVD for personal or classroom use
Portable planetarium license
2K frames or movie
3K frames or movie

For portable domes, there are many formats available (fisheye to truncated fisheye to prewarped for playback in a mirror or fisheye projection system) – all at the same pricing. We will contact you for the appropriate format before sending the show. 1920×1920 systems must use the 2K rate.


22.5 min


general audiences, Years 5+


earth science, history


English, Spanish, Spanish (Catalan)


DVD (+£7.74), Portable Planetarium License (+£2,316.24), 2k (50yr) (+£3,088.33), 3k (50yr) (+£4,632.49)


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