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Space Update Fishtank Fishtank is the world's first multipurpose software designed for mirror domes... Product #: 14001 Regular price: $125.00 $125.00
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Fishtank is the world's first multipurpose software designed for mirror domes… it allows you to play fisheye content, prewarped content, fulldome games and now also show 360VR movies! The New 360VR format is a "full sphere" movie format.  Most folks can see just a portion of the scene using goggles and turning your head around.  With Fishtank and our mirror projection system, you can see all the action - a full half sphere at one time - and you control which half!  Look up, down, or even behind you.

Mirror-based systems bounce a specially-distorted image or movie off a mirror to fill the interior of a planetarium dome. Originally designed for planetariums and full-dome immersive shows (just as you’d see in a major digital planetarium), we have made fulldome affordable by this exciting technology. The distortion (warping) is done on a fisheye image to make a warped show. We typically pre-warp any show that we sell, to get the crispest image and smoothest playback, and you can use any quicktime player to play back the movies.

The Fishtank player, however, not only lets you play back any pre-warped show (available from our online store), BUT ALSO lets you play back ANY fisheye movie from any distributor (or a fisheye movie you make yourself using a fisheye lens!).

The newest exciting development is that you can play NEW fully immersive games! Using a high-end laptop and a standard Xbox™ controller (wired or wireless), you can be immersed in game action! We offer a selection of new fulldome games: Capture the Flag, Asteroid Shoot, and Tilt!, plus immersive adventures of driving a race car, flying a jet plane, and even operating a humanoid robot. (More games coming soon… and if you have your own unity-based game, we can partner with you in making it fulldome!) Some of the games are designed so you can play against a friend over the internet. Be on the leading edge of gaming! (Watch the movie linked below to see some of the action)

Unlike helmet-type immersive experiences, this is one you can share with your friends! Plus, you use your peripheral vision instead of having to move your head to see the objects approaching you!  SHARE the VR™

Fishtank comes preinstalled on most of our projection systems, or is available separately to buy. Available for OSX and Windows (VR requires Win 10 or OSX).

Fishtank is a digital download

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